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Varsity Roster 2016-2017

about 1 year ago

HEAD COACH Beverly Kavookjian

Manager and Scorekeeper:   ZIONTAVION TURNER

Players                                   Class                            POSITION(S)

Tyanna Askew                      SENIOR                           Forward, Middle BACK

Aeriah Bullard                      SENIOR                           Left  BACK

Andreana Barker                 SENIOR                           FORWARD

Kendra James                        Junior                            Left FORWARD

Nakayla Reece                      SENIOR                          Middle  FORWARD

Nataja Reece                        SENIOR                           FORWARD 

Geisha Ware                         JUNIOR                           CAPTAIN, Middle BACK

Kianza Ray                            JUNIOR                            BACK

Wilzaria Askew                     JUNIOR                            Left  BACK

Aerial Holloway                   SOPHOMORE                  Left orward

Dinah Finley                         SOPHOMORE                 Middle Forward

Monkeliyah Morgan           FRESHMAN                      Right Forward 

Tahia  Black                          8th Grade                        Right BACK

 Danyah Combs                  7th Grade                         BACK

First game of the season - Coach Beverly Kavookjian meets with her Lady Bulldogs prior to their match with Fayetteville. The young team was outplayed by the veteran Fayetteville Wolves. The team lost  all three sets but was a valuable team building match. The girls next match is AWAY at BEULAH HIGH SCHOOL, TUESDAY, AUGUST 30 at 5:00 PM CENTRAL TIME.

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