STUDENTS textbooks will be issued in the first week by the Library Media Specialist, Mrs. Kavookjian. Students will be given further instructions on the first few days of class of how they will sign for their textbooks.

Textbooks will be required to have book covers on them at all times.

LHS Library Media Center

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LHS Library Media Center
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Information Technology Standards

 The four content standards are:


Students at Lafayette High School will select and use media and technology to access, organize, create, and communicate information for solving problems and constructing new knowledge, products, and systems.


Students at Lafayette High School will access, evaluate, and apply information efficiently and effectively from a variety of sources in print, non-print, and electronic formats to meet personal and academic needs. 


Students at Lafayette High School will apply technological and information skills to issues of personal and academic interest by actively and independently seeking information, demonstrating critical and discriminating reading, listening, and viewing habits, and striving for personal excellence in learning and career pursuits.


Students at Lafayette High School will demonstrate the ability to work collaboratively in teams or groups, use information and technology in a responsible manner,  respect intellectual property rights, and recognize the importance of intellectual freedom and access to information in a democratic society.

The Mission of the Library Media Program is to assist members of the learning community in becoming effective users of information and to foster the love of reading.

ChromeBooks Students can now check out a Chromebook from the Media Center using your lunch code. Please return as soon as possible to allow for other students to access their Edgenuity or Access class on line.

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